About us

Friends of Homeless Dogs (FHD) is a non-profit organization founded in 2007. Its mission is to help the stray dogs and other animals in Romania together with its cooperation partner Save the Dogs, who runs one of the most successful animal welfare projects in Romania.

The association is working with long term projects to promote animal welfare in a country that does not yet have a culture in pet ownership and animal protection. The corner stones in the project are neutering of both owned and free roaming dogs and cats and education of the local community to improve the attitude and behavior towards the animals.

The association also runs an adoption program through which it seeks to rehome healthy dogs of good mentality to new homes in Finland. The adoptions only help dogs at an individual level, but is an important support function for the local animal protection work since all dogs, due to age, size or health, cannot survive on the streets.

The dogs in the adoption program are always neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, deparatized and thoroughly tested for various diseases present in Romania. The dogs are imported to Finland according to the regulations stated by Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira). Friends of Homeless Dogs is also registered as an importer of pets in TRACES.

More information on our finnish pages http://www.koirienystavat.com/fi/etusivu

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