This is how it works

If you are interested in offering a home to a homeless dog through us, please read the requirements  and greetings from the adoptions coordinator -articles. Remember that you can't just reserve a dog in a whim, we will try to find every dog the best possible home. Homes are chosen keeping in mind the dogs' background, temperament, and the family's experience and resources. Before adopting a dog, think things through long and hard.

Before contacting us, please fill in an interest form. The more thoroughly you fill it in, the easier it will be for us to start processing a possible adoption. Our adoptions co-ordinator will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the form via email, if it's realistic to pursue the adoption on the basis of the information received. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to automatically reply to all the forms we receive, and will only reply to those we will start to process towards an adoption.

Before as possible decision for adoption, we will discuss things with you on the phone and possibly even meet up, depending on distances. The dog is officielly reserved to you when you have paid the reservation fee (see below).

The next step is that we start arranging for a suitable flight for the dog. It ususally takes at least a month from when the dog is reserved to it's arrival in Finland.


The adoption fee for a dog is 500 €, the reservation fee 150 € (150 + 350 = 500).
The adoption fee for senior dogs and dogs with special needs, is 350 €, the reservation fee 150 € (150 + 200 = 350)

The reservation fee is 150 € and payable as soon as our adoptions coordinator has confirmed the reservation with you. This is when the dog will be updated as "reserved" on our web site. The reservation fee in non-refundable in the case that the reservation is cancelled. If the reservation is cancelled by the association, for example if the dog can't be adopted to Finland for some reason, the fee will naturally be refunded.

The remaining amount is due one week before the dog arrives. Please remember to write your name and the dogs name in the message field. The payment is made to IBAN: FI43 4727 0010 1162 53 BIC: POPFFI22 Reference number 1148.


The association charges a lower fee of 250 € for dogs that are being rehomed. The previous owner is usually refunded a smaller amount, depending on the amount of costs caused by the rehoming, and depending on each individual case. The refund is max 200 € reduced by veterinary costs and care fees if the dog is waiting to be rehomed in a foster home. The previous owner will be refunded once the new owner has paid for the dog.

If the dog runs away

Etsijäkoiraliitto (search dogs) information number 040 724 8614

Suomen Etsijäkoirat (Finnish search dogs) on call number 040 9685 985

If you don't get an answer, the on call search assistaant will call you back as soon as possible.

If the dog runs away, you get valuable advice from Etsijäkoiraliittos information number. We recommend that when grooming your dog, you save some off the dogs hairs (preferably from the undercoat) in an airproof plastic bag (for example a Minigrip bag with a zip) and write on the bag your dogs name and the date. If the dg does not shed hair, you can gentle massage the dog with cotton oadds and store the pads in a sealed bag. Replace the hairs with fresh ones every six months.

From 2016 the association will register all dogs in the Turvasiru registry. Animal shelters and vets use the registry to find the contact information for the owner, and this allows for the animal and it's owner to be reunited without delay. It's very important to remember to keep your contact information up-to-date.

If the dogs runs away, please inform the association, directly to your adoptions contact person, or via email

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