Cats in Romania

It's impossible to say how many homeless cats there are in Romania, because towns have no records of the number of cats that are killed, and numerous cats are also killed by private persons. It's estimted that there are millions of homeless cats, even more than homeless dogs.

Cats face many dangers; poison, traffic, illness and stray dogs all kill cats, and only a small fractions of kittens survive to adulthood.

Projects for cats

Save the Dogs also has a "sterilize and release" programme for cats, 30-40% of the monthly steriliztions are performed on cats. This is very important, because one female and all her kittens can produce a total of up to 720 000 kittens in 7 years.

Cats and especially kittens are constantly abandoned at the shelters. It's common that the kittens have been separeted from their mother far too early. The youngest ones are only a few days old, and have absolutely no change of survival, not to mention to grow up to adults. The cats that are saved, move into the cattery and look for new homes in Italy, Sweden or Switzerland.

2014 New cattery in Medgidia!

With the help from donations, a new cattery was finally a reality at the shelter in Medgidia. As shown in the pictures, the cattery includes a safe outdoor area.

Du kan hjälpa Rumäniens hemlösa kattor genom att delta i Hemlösa hundars vänner rf:s kattkampanj, eller t.ex. genom att donera kostnaden för sterilisering av en katt (15€).


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