The Cernavoda shelter

Footprints of Joy

Save the Dogs has bought 5 hectars of land surrounding an old vineyard at the hills of Cernavoda. It already serves as a rescue center for the horses and donkeys saved by Save the Dogs, and next in line are the dogs. In the new shelter the dogs will have more space in the kennels and the environment is calmer and greener than in the current shelter. In the new shelter even more focus can be put on enrichement, something that is extremely important for shelter dogs.

The new shelter will become a modern, ecological, hygienical and enjoyable animal welfare centre for badly treated Romanian animals and in addition it will be an important supporting point for local citizens. It will become the turning point for hundreds of animals and therefore Save the Dogs decided to name this animal welfare centre "Footprints of Joy".

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Sara Turetta moved to a small town with 20 000 inhabitants in Cernavoda. She had convinced the mayor to stop killing the dogs and instead apply an alternative and more ethical solution to the problem – sterilization. Sara was granted an old house that she transformed with a lot of work and energy into a veterinary clinic.

The house donated by the town

The shelter

Sara never planned to build a dog shelter in Cernavoda, because the spayed and neutered dogs were always supposed to be returned to the streets. Soon it became apparent, that a shelter was required for those dogs in need of long-term medical care due to illnesses or injuries. For some dogs returning to the streets would have meant a long and painful death. Thus, a couple of dogs stayed at the clinic and, as the campaign proceeded, the number of dogs stabilized and Cernavoda had transformed into the shelter we know today.

The flooding of the adjacent river Donau has been a problem from the start, especially in spring and summer, when the water sometimes rises so high that it enters the clinic and destroys materials and equipment. In the summer of 2010 there was terrible flooding combined with heavy rain that destroyed homes all around the town. The water flooded the shelter and the clinic. The dogs all survived thanks to the hard work of the employees who moved them to safer areas or released them temporarily.

Pictures of the flooding in 2010:

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Adriana, animal keeper

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