Sometimes it can be difficult to buy birthday gifts or Christmas presents for your loved ones, because you never quite know what they would like. Well, we have something that every animal lover will appreciate - an ethical gift! The idea of an ethical gift is that you donate money to a specific cause, for example for feeding a dog for a month or a sterilization of a dog or a cat. In return you get a nice card to give as a gift to your friend. The card informs the recipient of your donation and what the money has been used for. An ethical gift brings joy not only to the receiver but also to the donor and of course - to the Romanian animals. Please note that although the cards in the pictures are in Finnish, they are also available in English.

Feed a dog for one month

Food is essential for all living beings. For just ten euros we can provide food for a shelter dog for a whole month.

10 €


Care for a shelter cat for one month

Save the Dogs also care for many cats that can't be released after sterilization. For ten euros we can provide everything a shelter cat needs for a whole month.

10 €


Sterilization of a dog or a cat

One un-spayed female dog, together with her offspring, can give birth to 67 000 dogs in six years. For cats the equivalent amount is 420 000 kittens in seven years! The only humane way to stop the overpopulation in stray dogs and cats is through neutering programmes. With a donation of 15 euros you pay for one sterilization, thus preventing thousands of unwanted animals being born.

15 €


Vaccinations and deworming

With 20 euros you can pay for full vaccinations and deworming of a dog. It is a simple way to improve the quality of life for an individual animal and also has great benefits for the whole society.

20 €


Acute care for a horse
Save the Dogs helps abandoned and misstreated horses in need of acute care, and offers them shelter. Acute care includes necessary medication, hoof care and adequate nutrition, which gives many animals a second chance in life.
25 €


Care for a horse for one month

Many horses and donkeys have been rescued by Save the Dogs and are now living a comfortable life free from pain and stress. With 30 euros we can provide everything a horse needs for a whole month.

30 €


Dog house

Although Romania is in Southern Europe the winters are cold and harsh with temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celcius. With a donation of 40 euros we can buy a warm and comfortable dog house for one of our shelter dogs.

40 €


Ordering instructions:

Send an e-mail to and tell us which ethical gifts you would like to order, and if you'd prefer a virtual/email version of the gift (remember to include your email address!), and you will receive payment information (reference number 1106). Postage 1€ (no postage fee for the virtual/email version). When the payment has arrived we will post the cards within one week. Thank you for your support!

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