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FHD is celebrating 10 years and now you have the chance to order our special anniversary t-shirt!

All orders must be made by 26.11.2017. Orders must be paid before delivery. Price 25€/t-shirt + 5€ postage + packing per t-shirt. You will receive payment information via email.

Choose model, size and color (the logo is white).

Men / unisex


Orders to 

Please note that we only send the t-shirts to addresses in Finland.

12.11.2017: Welcome to Finland Oscar & Shelly!

29.10.2017: Welcome to Finland Ciccio & Lexie!

22.10.2017: Welcome to Finland Cookie, Saviana & Gulliver!

19.10.2017: Ethical gifts for Christmas on sale now! Order yours here.

10.9.2017: Welcome to Finland George & Willy!

22.8.2017: Welcome to Finland Dew!

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